Seaside, WA; August 2019

Hello, everyone. My name’s Cassandra Lee. I’m from Idaho Falls, Idaho and have too many passions to keep track of. Right now, I am lucky enough to live in and explore the PNW.

Current Location: Moses Lake, WA

Taking care of my son from home is my most important and rewarding job. While it doesn’t come with benefits or a very high wage, I wouldn’t trade watching my son grow up for the world.

I’m also starting a project about pain to get more awareness going about pain in people’s lives and how it affects the mental and physical state of a person. Suffering with uterine fibroids has opened my eyes to other women suffering with similar issues as well as other chronic illnesses and the general well-being of all kinds of different people. I hope to spread awareness and show people that what they’re going through doesn’t have to isolate them or make them feel alone in their battle – whatever it may be.

I hope you enjoy my blog

"All women can do wonders when put to the test" – Wonder Woman