Day 26: Dark

Art by Rhett Backstrom | Twitter | Instagram

They must have forgotten to tell you about me.

Your gods who wakes you up in the morning; the same gods who send you messages in every sunrise and sunset. Who, after the rain stops, speak to you as the rays of the sun burn through the clouds and give you hope for peacefulness. They must have forgotten to mention me.

Before the sunrise, there was night. The sun disappears in the evening and they pretend as if nothing else exists. The dark clouds in the storm brought life to your plains and prevented drought.

I am the god who fills in those spaces. I am the one who makes sure you stay asleep, while they are the ones who wake you up. The stress of their day creeps into my nights and I try to stroke your hair and make you sleep, but the gods of the day are selfish. At times, I win the battle and you allow the darkness to take over and fall asleep at your desk in school or take an accidental mid afternoon nap. The day gods pull you from these naps so abruptly you forget where you are.

Humanity has evolved past waking up when the sun rises and going to sleep when the sun disappears. They forget the insomniacs, the depressed, those stuck in darkness or awake when they aren’t supposed to be. The ones in love with those in another timezone who suffer through tiredness and darkness to receive one small message from their partner. I am the one who keeps those people company.

I watch people believe night and dark are frightening. Yet, I watch the same people try and stay awake to see the stars that I have invited from far away to keep you company at night. It is my communication.

I gave you the twelve zodiac, the stars, the constellations, and the shade, but the gods who are worshipped the most are the ones that wake you up earlier than you meant to or make your infants cry to be close to you when the sun is barely reaching through your blackout curtains because you really prefer the darkness.

I bring you coldness after a hot summer day and a reason to cuddle someone on a cold winter night. The most passionate times happen during my hours.

I keep your secrets, know who you are when you’re intoxicated, and know when you cry at night.

Remember your day gods, but do not forget the darkness.

The light, too, shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Dark

  1. I love this,
    As a night owl, I live sometimes for the night hours, when the rest of the world switches off…
    and anoyher part of me reaches free (across those star-gifted skies).
    Beautifully evoked here.

    Liked by 1 person

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