Paxon: Week 2

Living in a hotel in Spokane made me feel spoiled. I loved the room I stayed in. The comfortable beds were my oasis through the whole situation. My treat every few days was Starbucks. It was only a few blocks away. People didn’t want me walking but I was going a little bit insane laying around all the time.

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Paxon: Week 1

There’s no right way to have a pregnancy announcement, gender reveal and give birth in under 24 hours, but Micah and I are now experts at that sort of thing.

People kept asking us how we were taking everything, and all we could do was keep moving forward because we are now responsible for another human being.

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The Night Our Lives Changed Forever

All my life I’ve had such a rough time with periods and any other thing that women are supposed to be able to do easily and naturally. This led me to believe I may never be able to have children. It was never really in my plans to start off with, but I would rather tell the world I didn’t want to have kids than have that reality handed to me without any choice.

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"All women can do wonders when put to the test" – Wonder Woman