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Deception Pass State Park

Labor Day was spent hanging with family, drinking, eating feasts, and lazying around for the most part. It was a nice, relaxing way to finish off our whole vacation. They went crabbing in Micah’s uncle’s boat and were able to keep a lot! Continue reading Deception Pass State Park

Vacation 2019

The leaves are starting to turn yellow and kids are really back in school. It seems like I went to bed one night and woke up to Autumn because it happened so fast and all at once. I liked this time of year a lot when I was younger and especially in college because it felt like I was going back to my own little world of studying and a solitary (though not in a bad way) existence. I think of the cool mornings and buying a hot drink if I woke up early enough before class – which usually I didn’t because I worked late and did homework after. Continue reading Vacation 2019

Earth Day 2019

Taken in Grays Harbor, WA

Anyone who knows me knows that the environment is something extremely important to me. For example, my former major when I was at WSU surrounded biology and geology, my dad is an environmental scientist working to clean up pollution that’s underground, and there’s nothing I would rather do than be outside when the sun is shining especially if I can be near the ocean or the Puget Sound which is only two miles away from my front door. Regardless of any opinions on climate change, what I’m really here to talk about is the treatment of our environment – specifically the oceans – and things that I want to bring to more people’s attention.

Continue reading Earth Day 2019