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Day 4: Freeze

Art by Rhett Backstrom | Twitter | Instagram
See a sped up clip of the picture being drawn here

The warmth of childhood. He loves playing, learning, laughing. At such a young age, he doesn’t know what bad really feels like. The worst thing that’s happened to him is scraping his knee. His mom kisses it better. He goes on his way and continues playing, learning, laughing. Continue reading Day 4: Freeze

Day 5: Build

Art by Rhett Backstrom | Twitter | Instagram

The group looks ill-prepared for their surroundings: clean clothes that aren’t meant for work, a lack of supplies, a general look of cluelessness, and word has it that they’re from the big city. They’ve been out in the middle of nature for a few days and nothing much seems to have changed. They go into caves and badly made makeshift shelters at night to avoid the monsters then come out early in the morning to discuss something only they can seem to understand. People native to the area observe in passing, but don’t say much else to them other than a simple nod or a ‘hello’.

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